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Open Testing Service (OTS) always deliver effective and efficient Printing Services to their clients. OTS provides Printing Services on enterprise scale having capacity of 2.0 M impressions per day with simplex and 1.0 M impressions with duplex printing. The facility is well equipped with access controls and monitored 24/7 for security and productivity in all dimentions.

Open Testing Service is dealing with OMR sheets generation and printing since its inception year 2012. Since our commencement, we have generated more than two million OMR sheets for our prestigious clients including FIA, FBR, Supreme Court of Pakistan, NEPRA, Rescue 1122, Estate office etc. Our OMR sheet printing and reading capacity is 100% error free and each of our clients admires this.

  • Recruitment assessments sheets
  • Feedback Form
  • Multiple Choice Bubble Sheets
  • Questionnaires sheets
  • OMR answer sheets
  • Attendance Sheets
  • Students research questioners

The OMR sheet contains empty blocks which need to be filled as per prescribed method so that it becomes system readable.The patterns which we provide include:

  • Empty Blocks on alphabetic MCQs based pattern: In this sheet answers are created with the options of ABCDE.
  • Empty Blocks on numeric MCQs based pattern: Answers are created in the format of 0, 1, 2,3,4,5
  • Empty Blocks on Matrix based paper: It is created for true & false type answers and column matching type response.
  • Empty Blocks on Alpha Numeric Pattern: Format is generated to collect the name and other details of a candidate.
  • Empty Blocks for capturing Blocks for Barcode: For capturing sheet/form number
  • We have 100% error free OMR sheet generation and reading software.
  • It includes customized OMR sheet templates and free inbuilt sheet designing tools.
  • Any type of OMR sheet design can be created on any size of paper.
  • On basic level 100 questions can be printed on one A4 page with five options. On demand, it can print 300 questions per sheet with five options.
  • We use different paper size ranging from legal, letter, to A3, A4, A5, etc depending upon the need.
  • We print OMR sheets on 100 GSM paper or above so that the sheet is unfold able.
  • Per day OMR sheet generation capacity: 200,000 sheets per day
  • Per day sheets reading capacity: 200,000 sheets per day. Process involves reading sheet with system and to extract relevant data from them in order to generate final results.

Please Contact for further details IT Section Open Testing Service (OTS) Office No 01, Crescent Mall Commercial, Central Avenue Road, Phase 6, Bahria Town, Islamabad, [email protected] UAN # 051-111-687-222

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